Strategic Management (Case Studies)


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Strategic Management (Case Studies)

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Business Management (M.A.)




Given the increasingly complex and dynamic environment in which companies need to compete today, addressing strategic considerations and developing as well as implementing suitable business/corporate strategies have become key factors of success. Against this background, students learn to identify and analyze strategic challenges, to develop adequate strategies based on scientific tools and to make suggestions for an efficient and effective implementation. In this module, ambitious case studies and intensive classroom discussions are used to deepen existing knowledge in strategic management. Along these lines, the meaning and implications of gloablization for the continued success of companies is emphasized. Topics like positioning strategies, cooperative strategies and/or digital strategies are applied to the discussed case studies. The discussion of state-of-the-art academic journal papers complement the case study approach and ensure highest academic standards.

  • The content of the case studies and accompanying texts include but are not limited to the following areas:
  • 1. Review of the fundamentals of strategic management
    1.1 Strategy development and strategic analysis
    1.2 Strategy implementation
  • 2. Strategic management tools
    2.1 External/internal analysis
    2.2 Project-based development and implementation of strategies
  • 3. Strategic management in a complex and volatile environment
    3.1 Turnaround and change management
    3.2 Innovation management and entrepreneurship
  • 3.3. Globalization and internationalization
    3.4 Sustainability and corporate social responsibility
  • 4. Overall assessment of the strategic management process
Lernergebnisse / Kompetenzziele

Students, who have successfully completed this module, have a broad knowledge of the process of strategic management and the tools used therein. They know the theoretical foundation and are able to apply the knowledge across industries and contexts.
Students, who have successfully completed this module, know how to formulate business/corporate strategies and how to implement them in practice. The discussion of state-of-the-art case studies fosters students’ ability to grasp complex business relationships. Moreover, the case studies illuminate the different nuances of the strategic management process in practice.
Können - instrumentale Kompetenz
Students, who have successfully completed this module, can apply the tools and instruments of strategic management and are able to structure research questions in new industries/contexts, discover hidden relationships, formulate hypotheses and develop solutions.
Können - kommunikative Kompetenz
Students, who have successfully completed this module, can analyse complex strategic management issues, interpret results, actively contribute to group discussions and are able to moderate the latter. Finally, they are able to present strategic management problems and novel solutions.
Können - systemische Kompetenz
Students, who have successfully completed this module, can collect and integrate data and information from various sources within a company and from the environment. They are capable of assessing a situation based on facts and analyses and develop suitable solutions, for which they can articulate convincing arguments. Finally, students can reflect on their own solutions and critically reflect developed strategies.


Introductory lectures, case study discussions, classroom exercises, student presentations.

Empfohlene Vorkenntnisse

Introduction to Strategic Management, Strategy Process, Management Tools, Management Concepts, Strategy Evaluation, Principles of Controlling, Principles of Project and Process Management.


Hofmann, Kay Hendrik

  • Hofmann, Kay Hendrik
  • Frie, Jan
  • Halstrup, Dominik


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Mintzberg, H., Lampel, J., Quinn, J. and Ghoshal, S.: The Strategy Process - Concepts, Contexts, Cases, Prentice Hall, 2003

David, F. and David, F.: Strategic Management - Concepts and Cases, Pearson, Global Edition, 2014

Hill, C., Jones, G. and Schilling, M.: Strategic Management: An Integrated Approach, Cengage, 2014

Selected case studies from books and Harvard Business School Press

Selected papers from the following journals: Strategic Mangement Journal, Journal of Management, Journal of Management Studies, Journal of Product Innovation Management, California Management Review, Harvard Business Review.


Portfolio Prüfung

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The portfolio exam covers 100 points and consists of one presentation (PR) and a one-hour written examination (K1). The presentation and the examination are weighted by 50 points each.


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