Research project MusicPhysioAnalysis

Research project MusicPhysio

Research project MusicPhysio

The research project MusicPhysio – running from July 2010 until December 2012 – was funded by the European Fond for Regional Development (EFRE) and laid a basis for the internal research project MusikPhysioAnalysis.

Background information

Due to the extreme specialisation in their occupation musicians often suffer illnesses of the muscular skeletal system and there for need an individually orientated therapy. The uniqueness of the musicians’ physiotherapy consists of the combination of physiotherapeutic measures and musician specific interventions. Together with the musician the physiotherapist develops strategies and techniques for a healthy practice and to prevent musicians’ associated problems. Therefore the treatment by a specialised physiotherapist is recommended, as he would own good instrumental knowledge and ideally even has practical experiences in orchestra- and chamber music.


  • Developing an evaluation tool for the collecting of facts concerning musicians associated illnesses
  • Development of a standardised algorithm concerning the process of examination, result evaluation, possibly further diagnostic and therapy.
  • Schooling media for music physiological lessons in school (Music lessons), Music school- and musical higher education level and also for self-studies.
  • Creation of a health promoting and prevention concept out of a physiotherapeutic perspective.