The central theme of the internal research project “MusikPhysioAnalysis” is the execution of a systematically fundamental movement analysis of the pathological movement patterns belonging to musicians with and without musicians’ associated illnesses aided by instrumental and manual finding methods. This is done using available and developing infrastructure resources belonging to two faculties of the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences, the Business Management and Social Sciences (WiSo) and Engineering and Computer Science (IuI) faculty, as well as the Institute of Music and the Institute of Applied Physiotherapy and Osteopathy (INAP/O).

Based on this information subgroups are evaluated to develop the most effective physiotherapeutic strategy concerning the treatment of musicians’ associated illnesses.  This strategy involves the instruments as well as the different realities of life, such as gender-, diversity- and intercultural aspects and the various resulting needs regarding the playing of an instrument.

Based on these research results an instrument-specific prevention concept will be developed by the end of the funding period.