Consortium of seven leading German Universities of Applied Sciences


The Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences, along with six other German universities of applied sciences with a strong international orientation, have joined forces to UAS7 to promote their teaching and research activities (Seven Universities of Applied Sciences). The partners in this alliance include the Berlin School of Economics and Law, Bremen UAS, Hamburg UAS, Cologne UAS, Munich UAS and Münster UAS.

The UAS7 see themselves as universities of applied sciences with exacting standards in teaching and practical research. Together, they develop common quality criteria, in order to expand their high level and apprear abroad as a strong group.

The original founding impulse in 2004 had the aim of jointly showing more presence on the American education market and expanding the collaboration with American universities. Since 2005, the liaison office established in New York has touted the degree programs of the universities of applied sciences involved in the Alliance UAS7 and promoted the exchange of American and German students in the framework of courses, studies or internship stays.

In recent years, the UAS7 has broadly expanded its activities to other continents. In 2013, a second liaison office was opened in São Paulo, Brazil. Brazil is of particular strategic interest for the universities of applied sciences: the Consortium already has a total of 34 partnerships with Brazilian universities, six of them to universities in São Paulo. Cooperation happens especially in the engineering and buiness sciences/economics

Since 2007, the Alliance acts as a registered association with an office in Berlin. In the newly organized collaboration, the seven universities of applied sciences promote not only inter-university scientific projects with international appeal and orientation. They also want to learn and implement inter-university projects together. Within the framework of the UAS7, common standards, including appeals guidelines, are developed and best practices exchanged from the administration.