Cultural offerings

at the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences and in the region

Concerts and performances at the Institute of Music

The students and faculty of the Institute of Music (IfM) enriches the public life of the city and region of Osnabrück with their performances. More than 100 events are held annually at the IfM. There is something for every musical taste - classical and jazz concerts or musical performances and pop concerts. Successful collaborations with the local cultural institutions shape the cultural life. In performances at the Osnabrück Theater, students of the university regularly make up part of the ensemble.

You can find the daily concerts and performances on the event page of the IfM (website only available in German).

The Burgtheater in Lingen

Since 2007, there has been a place for experiments of the theater in the Baccumer Street on the Lingen Campus. As part of the Institute for Theater Pedagogy, the Burgtheater offers space for storytelling cafés, readings, guest performances, performances and above all the many projects of the students. In the Burgtheater, art is experienced close up; the many facets of the theater as well as exciting experiments. After the presentation, visitors often have opportunity to interact with the actors in a family atmosphere and stimulating discussions.

The Burgtheater serves as a productive idea laboratory, workshop and colorful showplace for the results of aspiring theater educators. You can find the current program on the events pages of the Burgtheater (website only available in German).

Art and culture in Osnabrück and Lingen

Art and history buffs get their money's worth in the many museums in Lingen and Osnabrück. For theater lovers, the Theater Osnabrück offers a wide repertoire, but also other small theaters in cultural centers delight audiences with cabaret, cabaret, poetry and concerts.