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The President's Office coordinates the meetings of the central university organs of the University Steering Committee, the Academic Senate and the Foundation Board and prepares the decisions. It is the first point of contact for interdepartmental issues, information and key processes of the university development. All appointments of the President and the Senior Vice President, as well as their involvement in the external boards and committees are prepared and followed up in the President's Office. In addition, central projects of the university development are processed.


Allocation of responsibilities of the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences (German)

Head of the President's office

Ann-Christine Wöhler
Room AF 0308B
Phone: +49 (0)541 969-3515
E-mail: a.woehler@hs-osnabrueck.de

Outer office of the President

Hannelore Endlicher
Room: AF 0303
Phone: +49 (0)541 969-2104

E-mail: h.endlicher@hs-osnabrueck.de 

Outer office of the Vice President

N. N.

Coordination of university bodies

N. N.


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Fax: +49 (0)541 969-2066
E-Mail: webmaster@hs-osnabrueck.de


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