Haste locationMap and building plan

Map and building plan

Visitors' address: Oldenburger Landstr. 24, 49090 Osnabrück

  • HA / HB Lecture hall building and laboratories
  • HC  Faculty Management Agricultural Sciences and Landscape Architecture, Office building
  • HD  Student Administration, auditorium (HD 0001), IT Center, lecture rooms and laboratories
  • HE  Office building, AStA Office, Student Council AuL
  • HF  lecture halls
  • HG  Cafeteria
  • HH  Lecture hall and office building
  • HK  Maintenance workshop
  • HL  Laboratory and office building
  • HM  Laboratory for Technology, lecture halls
  • HN  Service building
  • HO  Greenhouses
  • HP  Lecture hall building and laboratories
  • HR  Lecture hall building, library
  • HT  Machinery hall
  • HU  Service building
  • HV, HX, HY  Greenhouses

Visitors' address: Oldenburger Landstr. 62, 49090 Osnabrück

  • OS, OT Building "Schmied im Hone"

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Map of all locations of Hochschule Osnabrück (in German)


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