Caprivi location

Map and building plan

Map and building plan


Caprivistraße 30 A

  • CA University Gästehaus [guesthouse]
  • CB Offices of WiSo Faculty, Dean’s Office WiSo Faculty (CB 0214), International Faculty Office, Professional School
  • CC Gesellschaftliches Engagement
  • CD-CJ Lecture halls and offices of the WiSo Faculty, Seminar rooms
  • CK Caprivi Lounge (CaLo), AStA-Shop
  • CL Learning zones
  • CM Cafeteria
  • CN Lecture halls and offices of the WiSo Faculty

Caprivistraße 1

  • FA Institute of Music, INAP/O
  • FB Institute of Music - Kammermusiksaal
  • FC Institute of Music - Plektrum:
    Bühnenhaus – Bandhaus – Tanzhaus

Opening hours of the buildings
Building plan for download
Map of all locations of Hochschule Osnabrück (in German)