MEDPhysioin Clinic and Research

MedPhysio in Clinic and Research

The research project MEDPhysio in Clinic and Research aims at an interprofessional education for students of human medicine and physiotherapy. Students of human medicine from Oldenburg and physiotherapy from Osnabrück are supposed to learn about the essential fields of clinical research in movement analysis and clinical interfaces of patients’ care from each other through joint block week courses. Further training concerning interdisciplinary teaching and learning is also implemented.

Background of the program „Operation Team – interprofessional learning in health professions” from the Robert-Bosch-Stiftung is the increase of chronic illnesses as well as the growing importance of multimorbidity and dementia. Due to the demographic development in Germany, a patient and interprofessional orientated healthcare for an aging society is increasingly growing in importance. Those choosing a health profession however usually stay within their own profession during studying and vocational training, resulting in a nearly exclusively monoprofessional orientation of medicine and care study programs, health and nursing training and other trainings and courses of studies for therapeutic professions. 

With its work, the Robert-Bosch-Stiftung aims to aid interprofessional cooperation between health professions and renew the monoprofessional culture of education. Their goal is a structural and curricular embedding of interprofessional learning opportunities. 


Prof. Dr. med. Christoff Zalpour

University of Applied Sciences Osnabrück

Faculty of Business Management and Social Sciences
Postfach 1940
D-49009 Osnabrueck

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SCIPOS - Science in Physiotherapy Osnabrück

SCIPOS is a joint venture of all professors and scientific assistants in the Department of Physiotherapy and Osteopathy at the University of Applied Science in Osnabrück.

Founded by Professor Dr. Christoff Zalpour in 2005, the group is now represented by a new name and logo: SCIPOS stands for Science in Physiotherapy and Osteopathy in Osnabrück. The logo shows an action potential which symbolizes the widespread energy and creativity of the group.

The superior aim of SCIPOS is to establish self-contained physiotherapeutic and osteopathic science at the University of Applied Science in Osnabrück. The members tend to inspire to do research, to investigate, to reflect research findings and to make them publically visible. As a scientific joint venture of an university, encouraging young talents plays an important role.


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