Promotion of Intercultural and Refugee-specific Competence

Aims of the project

Aims of the project

Within the research project, work is being done to achieve various goals. The objectives have been defined in different work packages.

Planned measures to implement the objectives

Within the project, work is being done to achieve various goals, which are to be achieved through the following measures:

Benefits for the future

Due to the Ukrainian nationality of the researchers, it is possible to specifically address peculiarities of the Eastern European cultural space and current developments during the Russian invasion, as well as to identify factors of interaction with Western European and other perspectives. The project results offer an enormous added value and the findings of the cooperation can be used to record and promote global competence, also with regard to forced migration, in an evidence-based manner.

From a societal perspective, the focus is particularly on promoting intercultural competencies. The interaction of intercultural experiences and psychological stress will be given special consideration. In addition, social learning and positive attitude changes as well as the reduction of discrimination and negative attitudes regarding flight and migration are to be achieved. In the long term, diversity should be seen as an opportunity and an enthusiasm for future technologies and innovation as well as the strengthening and formation of personal and economic networks should be achieved. In this way, an expanded and goal-oriented exchange of knowledge can be ensured and existing strategies and measures can be further developed. The aim is to contribute to the creation of a common European cultural area and successful integration as a solution to the global challenges of flight and migration.