Full-Text Database for Thesis from the Therapeutic-Sciences

TheraThesisLink – Open Access

In the research project "TheraThesisLink", a freely accessible online full-text database is being developed, which should enable graduates from the therapeutic sciences to upload their thesis (BSc, MSc, PhD). On the one hand, this can help that the knowledge from the thesis can be citable, traceable and permanently available. On the other hand, students are given the opportunity to gain an insight into existing research. In addition, the prerequisite is created to counteract the trend of division within the therapeutic professions, since the advancing academization could lead to a division of therapy professions into "academics" and "practitioners".

The possibility of a full-text search with a freely accessible literature database could not only facilitate the exchange of knowledge, but also involve clinically active therapists who are interested in evidence-based work in academization.

This project is funded by the BMBF.

Further Information


Contact Person

Annika Griefahn
Telefon: 0541 969-2998

Project Leader

Prof. Dr. med. Christoff Zalpour
Telefon: 0541 969-3246

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Hochschule Osnabrück
University of Applied Sciences
Faculty of Business Management and Social Sciences
Prof. Dr. Christoff Zalpour
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