Diverschance_East – Global competence development and diversity challenges in an innovative Europe


Days of Ukraine in Lower Saxony


Planned cooperation in follow-up projects

In the future, the project partners will be integrated into the CULT_OPEN network. This inclusion will create multiple opportunities for further cooperation. Through the expansion of cross-sectoral cooperation, it will also be possible to work together with representatives of the local economy in both Western and Eastern Europe. Thus, on the one hand, the transfer of scientific results into practice will be advanced. On the other hand, innovative potential and synergy effects in science and economy can be developed.

Planned expansion of cooperation to other institutions and networks

The bilateral cooperation of the project partners will be integrated into the Cult_Open network. The network consists of experts from the fields of diversity, intercultural competence, and migration. The incorporation facilitates the expansion of the network by including the Ukraine. In addition, further perspectives can be incorporated into the research on global competence, thereby enabling research proposals to be submitted in the current and upcoming EU research framework programs. The cooperation with the CULT_OPEN network also suggests an expansion of the interorganizational relations of the participating universities in addition to the cooperation of the participating project partners. Through partnerships, local science systems can be modernized and strengthened, benefiting the promotion of young scientists. Furthermore, barriers for Erasmus students can be lowered, thus facilitating intercultural exchange already among students.