Reference laboratory for the evaluation of neuromusculoskeletal diseases by performing artists


The overall aim of this research project is the development of a reference laboratory for the assessment of neuromusculoskeletal disorders. To reach this aim we will combine assessments of the physiotherapy and biomechanical motion analysis. Part of it is to find the perfect combination of physiotherapy assessments and the technical biomechanical analysis, to give every patient an individual treatment plan for the care clos to their hometowns. The base for the treatment plan are evidencebased prevention and rehabilitation strategies. As an example we use musicians with playing related musculoskeletal disorders (PRMDs) because musicians are very common in the development of this disorders. In order to achieve this goal we are working togehter with specialized physiotherapist of the Institut für angewandte Physiotherapie und Osteopathie (INAP/O) in Osnabrueck.


This project is supported by the BMBF.


project manager

Prof. Dr. Christoff Zalpour
Tel.: 0541 969-3246

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University of applied sciences Osnabrück
room: FA 0034
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