Workshops and projects

Workshop in Osnabrück in December 2017


Another part of the workshop were different speeches that were given by the project partner. The topics were versatile and focused on the home country the partner, but all topics were related to intercultural exchange and gave input for the project. Below you will find a short conclusion of each speech.

Conference in Brno in March 2018

Within a research project the exchange of information is important. So there was another conference in March of 2018 in Brno (the Czech Republic). The main focus was to report about the progress of the project. Three topics were focused:

  • Notice in the magazine ‘Political Psychology’
  • Status of the surveys
  • Status of the calls for the application for Horizon 2020

In the magazine ‘Political Psychology’ there is an article about the research project in the current edition, which appears in July of 2018. The content of the article was determined on the conference just as well who does have the responsibility. The publication helps to draw attention of the public to the project and to find more sponsors and promoters.

Another focus of the conference were the status of the different surveys. Like said in Targets of the project, surveys were conducted in the different project countries. The surveys focused on the topics migration, refugees and attitude of the population to integration. At the time of conference, the partner gave feedback that the data collections were started. The partner determined, that the evaluation of the datas will be done with the statistic programme SPSS. The results can be used to create measures and suggestions for action that are adapted to the beginning conditions of each country.

Furthermore the partner discussed about the third topic for a long time – the concrete title for the application for the Horizon 2020 had to be generated. The point ‘Which profit to we want to have?’ was particular important. In the end they put their focus on the political perspective. By the compilation of a ‘tool kit’ the project partner want to help the governments to push integration and the openness of the inhabitants for migrants. Therefor the analysis of the labour market and the conditions of live in each country is important. Furthermore the partner want to draw attention to the aspect gender and equal treatment. In the course of integration women shall get the same chances like men to receive education and to enter the labour market of the new country.

Finally the responsibilities for the next step of project were allocated (again).