Process Orientation

Process Orientation replaces departmental thinking

The process management department was created in 2015 with the aim to shape the rather complex and inter-divisional processes more transparent and professional. The department works across the university in all three locations and with all organizational departments and faculties.

Fundamental element of the documentation is the process map of the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences (see Process Documentation), which gives a clear overview of management, core and support processes. The map leads the way from a departmental thinking to process orientation.

Reasons as to why a representation in processes might be useful can be manifold. Often it is the desire for more transparency, further development as well as the documentation of complex work contexts. The documentation of target processes can have positive effects to the organization:

  • Transparency with regards to workflows and responsibilities

  • Conservation of implicit knowledge within the organization

  • Support during the training period of new employees

  • Optimization of inter-divisional workflows

  • Promote identification with the work environment by co-designing processes

  • Promotion and facilitation of inter-divisional communication

  • Reduction of coordination required in standardized processes


"Our head is round, so that thinking can change direction" (quotation from Francis Picabia, painter and writer, 1879 - 1953)