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Process Documentation

Process Management enables transparency

The process portal of Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences contains all processes that have already been identified and documented. Subdivided into management, core and support processes, all areas of the university can be found in our process map (see picture above), which also serves as a navigation. After the process team has completed the content-related work (see Process Development), the processes are published in the password-protected portal and are accessible for employees and teaching staff.

The individual processes are represented in flowchart diagrams and contain the departments involved in the process, their workflows as well as deadlines and time sequences. In addition relevant documents can be linked directly to the process and downloaded.

On the software side, the Process Management team works with a database-supported Business Process Management software. This tool guarantees a uniform presentation and enables comprehensive reports and evaluations. Processes can thus be tracked automatically and an evaluation can be initiated at the appropriate time. The keyword search enables users to quickly find processes and forms. The business units can link forms and relevant documents directly to the process or make them available via the form management that allows to upload different versions and archive forms.

The representation of the processes is based on the Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN), which defines certain basic elements for representing business processes and workflows (Freund & Rücker, 2017). Since 2013 the related representation has also been defined as an ISO standard (ISO / IEC 19510), making it a widely accepted and sustainable tool.



Since July 2018 the forms of the university can be found under the button "Forms" in the process portal. Once again, following the support processes of the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences, there is a subdivision into the areas of finance, building / IT / procurement, human resources and teaching / research. In addition, all stored forms can be found on the A-Z list according to their file name. If further forms are to be included in the process portal, the Process Management team will be happy to assist you.



Freund, J. & Rücker, B. (2017): Praxishandbuch BPMN mit Einführung in CMMN und DMN. 5. revised edition. München.