Process Development

Process management supports organizational development

The aim of working out of the organization with different stakeholder of the organization is a constant companion of process development. New ideas and topics for improvement of university processes are therefore formulated across the whole university. Within the clarification of the task, the process management team and the involved stakeholder define the beginning and end activity of the process as well as specialists that need to be involved along the way.      

Every process is documented and analyzed gradual with all involved departments. Start with a tabular display of workflows and activities, potential for development and possible ways of improvement are be discussed. The department process management moderates and accompany each particular development step with the goal of creating solution-oriented processes.   

With the increasing number of involved parties that are affected directly or indirectly by the results complexity is rising. Particularities regarding communication and decision making in a University such as the Academic Senate and the University Steering Committee.

All approved processes will be published in the process portal and teaching staff and employees are able to access the information. The implementation phase of the altered process, following documentation and approval, is of critical importance. Before moving to the implementation phase, the process team discusses who needs to be informed or involved during the implementation. With the approval and publication of the process it is also discussed when the process is being reevaluated and adjusted if necessary for the first time.