Together for tomorrow: BMSS 2030

Faculty of Business Management and Social Sciences

Our mission

Teaching, learning and researching together on a cosmopolitan campus to shape the future of tomorrow

We want to actively shape the society, science and economy of tomorrow. We enable students, employees and teachers to recognize the opportunities and challenges of the future and to deal with them responsibly. Together we advocate respect and openness to new things and support each other in making the future more livable. Together with our regional and international networks, we are participating in the sustainable transformation of society and the economy. We are convinced that an international campus reflects the world of tomorrow in all its diversity and is therefore a good place for all teachers, students, researchers and employees to act reflectively and sensitively in a digitalized and globally networked society.

Prof. Dr. Andrea Braun von Reinersdorff, Dean

Prof. Dr. Kay H. Hofmann, International Management

Britta Grave, Dean of Studies employee

Stellin Varunny, Student of Business Law

Elisabeth Uhlig, Head of Accounting Sparkasse Osnabrück