Talent Academy – Talents for Green Transformation

Talent Academy – Talents for Green Transformation

The Talent Academy – Talents for Green Transformation is integrated into the staff development program “Career Lab Osnabrück: The Osnabrück Career Path to a Professorship at a University of Applied Sciences (UAS)” (acronym: CarLa). The project takes place in the context of the “FH-Personal” program, jointly funded by Germany’s federal and state governments. The aim of the CarLa program is to implement an integrated, university-wide scheme for recruiting and developing tenured staff.

There are three talent academies within the CarLa project, each of which represents a thematic qualification platform at Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences. Their role is to help talents and high potentials become eligible for faculty appointment, which requires three elements: a doctorate, teaching skills, and practical experience. Talents who have yet to satisfy these requirements can participate in a variety of qualification programs on their journey to professorship. At the same time, the talent academies are intended to be productive places where internal and external experts can come together to experiment and work on specific topics and applications.

The Talent Academy – Talents for Green Transformation addresses the content of four key areas that have been identified and are being researched at the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Landscape Architecture (AuL):

  • Innovative agricultural system technologies
  • A viable economy and sustainable social structures
  • Sustainable food and nutrition
  • Sustainable urban and landscape development

Rather than exploring these four key areas in isolation, they are approached from a multidisciplinary perspective. After all, these future issues are interlinked, requiring comprehensive and complex responses involving interdisciplinary expertise:


Academic Leadership

Prof. Dr. Andreas Ulbrich
Prof. Dr. Cord Petermann

Contact & Coordination

Dajana Giede-Jeppe, Dipl.-Ing.
Ole Oßenbrink, M.Eng.

Postal Address

Hochschule Osnabrück
University of Applied Science
P.O. Box 19 40
49009 Osnabrück