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Our Talents – Talents for Green Transformation

Green transformation – what do we mean by this?

We are going through a time of transformation, and changing our way of thinking. Humanity faces many major challenges and problems: the climate crisis, resource scarcity, water shortages, drought, natural disasters, malnutrition, diseases of civilization, and so on. These circumstances call for a high degree of adaptation and flexibility. But at Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences, we are not satisfied to sit back and be passive observers – we want to actively transform these challenges into positive opportunities, in keeping with the university’s motto “Education with tomorrow in mind”. 

What if …?

… we developed innovative agricultural systems that are able to produce healthy and sustainable food in both rural and urban areas?

… we established a viable economy that focuses not only on companies, but also on social structures, thanks to participation and involvement?

… we were to design and produce sustainable food and nutrition in such a way that health, environmental, economic and social aspects can all be taken into account?

… we created the kind of sustainable urban and rural development that enables urban and rural areas to contribute to improving the quality of life?


At Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences – where the green transformation is being tackled – we want to address these issues. With this objective in mind, we bring together professors from various fields, such as agricultural science, agricultural economics, nutrition and home economics, nutritional science, landscape architecture, and landscape development, to create an interdisciplinary consortium to meet these challenges. The diagram below shows dissertation topics that are assigned to the four key areas. Clearly, interdisciplinary work is already underway to find solutions to specific problems:

We would like to invite you – a talent in this field – to become part of this movement. No matter where you are in your professional career: Master students, doctorates, and postdoctoral researchers are all welcome, as are faculty members. The Talent Academy – Talents for Green Transformation it is open to all interested, committed, and inquisitive individuals who are driven to engage and collaborate on the major issues of transformation.

Out Talents


Talent – Postdoc


My topic in the Talent Academy

Dr. Christian Frerichs Optimization of nitrogen fertilization and management strategies in intensive vegetable production to reduce nitrogen emissions – dissertation topic
Dr. Finn Petersen Influence of physiological growth parameters on duckweed (Lemnaceae) in a re-circulating and vertical cultivation system – dissertation topic
Dr. Michael Lütke-Dörhoff Comparative study on the influence of 25-hydroxycholecalciferol and choleclaciferol on vitamin D status, mineral homeostasis, bone metabolism and locomotion of sows and their offspring fed protein- and phosphorus-reduced diets – dissertation topic


Talent * – PhD Student


My topic in the Talent Academy

Daniel Theidel Physical-digital tools in the landscape architecture design process and their feedback/material tools in the design process – dissertation topic
Sascha Groß-Hardt                 Smart traction – Development of a track and traction controlled chassis unit for agriculture tractor-trailer combinations – dissertation topic
Matthias Preusche The impact of monoterpenes on the plant development of selected model plants in the indoor culture system – dissertation topic
Torsten Schulz Socio-technological change in modern agriculture through the commercialisation of (radical) technological innovations in urban agriculture – dissertation topic
Ann-Kathrin Eichholz The role of sectoral planning for urban land use planning, taking the example of the green action area – dissertation topic
Tobias Reuter The use of digital decision support tools in the management of heterogeneous plant population in organic farming – dissertation topic
Katharina Ost Optimization of secretion and production efficiency for heterologues proteins in Aspergilus niger – dissertation topic
Tobias Reineke The use of wood fibers in horticultural growing media – evaluation of chemical, biological and plant-growing properties – dissertation topic
Christopher Jutz A social practice approach to sustainable physical and virtual mobility in the educational landscape at the HS OS – dissertation topic
Philipp Zmijewski Bayesian methods for optimizing discrete event-oriented simulation in production and logistic – dissertation topic
Marvin Vahl Influence of abiotic factors and plant physiological traits on flowering of Vanilla planifolia – dissertation topic
Frauke Niemeyer Doctoral topic not yet named
Christine Rother Doctoral topic not yet named
Janis Bald Doctoral topic not yet named
David Ruben Hagemann Doctoral topic not yet named
David Richard-Guionneau Doctoral topic not yet named
Jevana Rebecca Röhl Doctoral topic not yet named
Verena Dietz Doctoral topic not yet named


Talent – WiMi

Tarik Ismail  
Ines Prehn  
Jannis von Salzen  
Kateryna Poberezhna  


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