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The University Archives document the history of the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences and help to safeguard tis rights. It rates, takes over, opens up and preserves documents from all organs, committees and institutions of the university as well as its direct predecessor institutions, including the State Engineering Academy of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Metallurgy and the State Engineering Academy for Landscaping, Gardening and Farming. To complement the official collections, it endeavors to obtain lifetime and posthumous bequests from important personalities from the university environment. In addition, it documents student life and the student self-administration.

The archive is a service institution of the university administration: It provides information from the archived documents and is a point of contact for questions of document management, in particular as regards the file selection and retention periods. In addition, it makes the archival documents available to scientists, students and those interested in history thus playing an active part in the research and communication of the history of the university.

Through the personal connection with the archives of the University Osnabrück and the cooperation with the Lower Saxony State Archive - Osnabrück location, the University Archive is a focal point for all questions on the modern science history in Osnabrück and the region.


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