Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy (B.Sc.), dual

Program structure

Structure of the program

The dual Bachelor's degree program Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy last eight semesters in the standard length of study and ends with the Bachelor of Science (210 ECTS) title. The degree program is interdisciplinary, with students either immersed in the subject area of Occupational Therapy or Physical Therapy. The Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy training is integrated into the common framework curriculum including the State final examination.

Four different module types are anchored in the curriculum:

  • purely vocational modules – are held at the vocational school and taught by the instructors of the vocational school  
  • integrated modules – are held at the university of applied sciences and taught by the instructors/professors of the vocational school and the university of applied sciences
  • purely university of applied sciences modules – are held at the university of applied science and taught by the professors of the university of applied sciences
  • practical modules – include the internships as part of the professionally relevant training

Within the first three semesters, students learn basic vocational skills and acquire skills in therapeutic diagnosis and interventions. Content from the empirical social research area is also taught.

The internship takes place during the fourth and fifth semesters. This is done as part of the internships in typical areas of Occupational Therapy/Physiotherapy. The internships are coordinated and supervised by the vocational schools. At the same time, integrated and university of applied sciences modules are offered, which serve to intensify clinically relevant competencies.

The sixth semester serves to further intensify professional competencies. It concludes with the State final examination for Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy training.

The seventh and eighth semesters are purely university of applied sciences for the intensification of therapeutic scientific competencies where the entire eighth semester is provided for a scientific practical project and the subsequent Bachelor thesis.