Research, Work and Teach

at Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences

The Welcome Center

As part of the Center for International Mobility (CIM), the Welcome Center addresses international scientists who would like to teach or conduct research at Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences for at least four weeks. At the Welcome Center international doctoral candidates and researchers can get support and advice on all organizational questions related to their prospective stay in Germany and benefit from the close cooperation of the Welcome Center with various institutions of Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences and external partners. Being part of the project "CarLa” the Welcome Center also aims to support young scientist who are interested in becoming a professor at a University of Applied Sciences in Germany.

Research, Work and Teach at Osnabrück UAS

We value the exchange of ideas among academic colleagues, doctoral students, and staff just as highly as the exchange of students. All are key to building international relationships and developing intercultural competencies at home and abroad.

Below you will learn more about how you can research, work and/or teach with us at Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences (UAS).

Why choose Osnabrück?

International Visiting Professors

Within the framework of our university partnerships, Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences offers visiting scholars various opportunities to research and teach in an international context.

We receive between 20 and 30 international visiting professors per academic year--both for short visits and semester-long stays.



International Staff Exchange

Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences also welcomes and promotes the exchange of employees from various fields of work at our partner universities. Two opportunities are available for this purpose:


Contact Center for International Mobility

The Center for International Mobility will be happy to provide you with initial information and answer any general questions you may have.

If you already have concrete plans and know which faculty will host your stay, please contact the colleagues in the respective International Faculty Office.


Contacts International Faculty Offices

IFO Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Landscape Architecture

Alissa Ziegler
Telephone: 0541 969-5328

IFO Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science

Elke Turner
Telephone: 0541 969-2183

IFO Faculty of Management, Culture and Technology

Katharina Freitag
Telephone: 0591 800 98-299

IFO Faculty of Business Management and Social Sciences

Fides Kammann-Lippelt
Telephone: 0541 969-3816


IFO Institute of Music

Martin Löcherbach
Telephone: 0541 969-7049