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Tandem models at Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences

Have you ever thought about becoming a professor at a University of Applied Sciences (UAS), but you lack the necessary professional experience?

Our Career Lab (CarLa for short) is developing and testing various options to make the career path to a professorship at a UAS more accessible and to break down barriers. Our tandem models, a key element in this context, are designed for the career phase after completing a doctoral degree.

To be formally eligible for a UAS professorship, applicants must have both a doctorate and professional experience (see the formal recruitment requirements for a UAS professorship in accordance with the Lower Saxony Higher Education Act – website only available in German). These requirements ensure that our professors are fully equipped to train the next generation of the workforce. However, researchers tend to lack the necessary professional experience outside academia. Our tandem model is an attractive and flexible alternative to changing jobs completely. It allows you to maintain your links with the university sector and continue to be involved in research and teaching. The program further opens a pathway for individuals from underrepresented groups. We recognize that systemic barriers may make these formal requirements more challenging for those people, and we are committed to providing additional support and resources to mitigate these challenges.


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The tandem professorship and Entwicklungsprofessur are two possible ways for academics to gain the necessary professional experience in tandem with Osnabrück UAS. We would be happy to offer you a free, informal consultation regarding additional opportunities, such as in combination with a project position, as a lecturer, in an administrative professorship, or as a postdoctoral researcher at a university. Tandem models are an attractive alternative to multiple short-term appointments, especially for postdoctoral researchers on part-time contracts. Simply contact us – no strings attached – by registering on the prospective applicant database (form in German). You can also contact us by emailing For international researchers and concerning questions regarding international qualifications, our Welcome Center offers broad experience and expertise:


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