Applied Poultry Science (M.Sc.)

Program structure

Structure of the program

The part-time Master's degree program "Applied Poultry Science" comprises 6 semesters (120 ECTS credits) and builds on the students' professional experience.
In particular, the continuing education program is characterised by an intensive practical orientation and the topicality of its teaching content. A combination of attendance phases, "blended learning" elements and transfer studies takes into account the needs of working professionals and offers flexibility in terms of time and space for independent study.

1st to 4th semester: In each semester, two modules shall be completed, which are offered one after the other without overlapping. Each module has a preparatory independent study phase followed by a one-week, full-day attendance phase. Afterwards, the transfer study is worked on concomitantly and/or within the professional activity. The module has a second attendance phase in which the results of the transfer study are presented and the module is concluded with a competence-oriented - usually oral - examination within the framework of the portfolio review.

5th semester: In the 5th semester, a compulsory module is offered according to the above-mentioned scheme. The second module with 10 credit points/ or 2x5 credit points can be freely selected: from the compulsory elective modules of the degree program, from the Master's degree program offered by the faculty and/or the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences as well as from the part-time MBA Agribusiness of the University of Göttingen and/or the Master's degree program offered by another university in Germany or abroad.

The Master's thesis is written during the 6th semester.