Nursing Management (B.A.)

Program structure

Structure of the program

The eight-semester standard study period is extra-occupationally organized and divided into a first and a second study stage of four semesters each.

Attendance phases take place twice a semester at Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences with a duration of two weeks each (Mondays to Fridays). They are held in the form of lectures, seminars and exercises.

Students receive academic texts to prepare and follow up the module topics and selected literary references for in-depth self-study. In addition, the possibilities of e-learning are used.
Outside the attendance phase, teachers and students primarily communicate via e-mail. As needed, working groups are set up, in which students can work on tasks and projects together as well as prepare reports and presentations.

First study stage

The first study stage (semesters 1 - 4) provides the basis for a qualified business administration education. The modules of the first two semesters refer to the competences acquired in professional practice and recognized by equivalence exams and enable the entry in the third semester (application is made for the first semester). They are not taught at the university of applied sciences.

Second study stage

In the second study stage (semesters 5 - 8), the major subjects which give students in-depth knowledge for perceiving management functions in nursing, but also in the overall operation management are central. In the sixth semester, an in-depth specialization must be selected from three possible in-depth specializations (organizational development, financial and cost management or quality development in nursing). Each in-depth specialization has one module each in the sixth semester and seventh semester. The courses conclude with the seventh semester.