Mechatronic Systems Engineering (M.Sc.)

Program structure

Structure of the program

The standard period of study of the modularly-structured Mechatronic Systems Engineering Master’s degree program is four semesters. Six modules each are required in the first three semesters, each of which is awarded five credit points. In the fourth semester the Master Thesis hat to be completed. 120 credit points are to be completed for the Master of Science (M.Sc.) degree.

The MSE Master’s degree program is offered with a flexible structure: Three modules are offered in the first semester; the further compulsory modules are offered annually, without overlapping, with alternating semesters - in the first or second, or second or third semesters. In the third semester, an elective module catalog with 15 credit points is integrated, which - in addition to the selection of various courses - allows for the implementation of practice-oriented units (seminar paper and Master project) thus highlighting the research/practice relevance of this degree program as well as creating new flexibilities.

For each student at the beginning of the studies - depending on the entry requirements - an individual study program is compiled from a module catalog and set down in a study agreement. As a rule, six modules in the scope of 30 credit points per semester are defined. For students who, according to their previous Bachelor’s study have to compensate their in previous knowledge in sub areas, up to two other modules can be specified as a requirement.

All modules are offered in the German language.



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