International Study Program

11. Mai bis 18. Juni 2020


2020 Program cancelled due to Coronavirus

The 2020 International Study Program has been cancelled light of the Coronavirus Pandemic and related mobility restrictions. All cancellation fees are waived.

The 2021 International Study Program will take place from May 10 - June 17, 2021.


The International Study Program is a six-week-long, intensive and interdisciplinary program in the areas of engineering, agriculture and environmental planning. It takes place at Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences each summer semester in May and June. The goal of the program is to introduce students to new ways of thinking about the real-world challenges of sustainability and their potential role in solving such problems with innovative approaches.

The International Study Program is a great opportunity for visiting students to combine practice-oriented studies with an interesting cultural experience and to receive 10 ECTS Credit Points (typically 2 US Courses) in a short period of time, allowing them to pursue other activities, like internships, during the regular semester.

Students of Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences can earn up to 5 ECTS through the program by participating in the intensive workshop held during the project week of the Faculty of Agricultural Science and Landscape Architecture. More information is available at the bottom of this page.

The academic coordinators of the International Study Program are Prof. Dirk Junker (Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Landscape Architecture) and Prof. Dr. Svea Petersen (Faculty of Engineering and Computer Sciences) at Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences.


As one of the historic leaders of technical innovation globally, Germany is an excellent case study for examining the impact of innovation on real-world challenges around sustainability. The International Study Program explores this question, highlighting technological, historical and environmental facets of sustainability innovation.

Through lab and project work, theoretical input, discussion and company visits, students gain a comprehensive view of innovation processes which transcend disciplinary borders and deepen their understanding of the role and scope of their own discipline therein. The contact between visiting and local students – whether in the classroom, during study trips or at social events – enables intercultural exchange and offers an unforgettable experience abroad.

The program is designed for students from various engineering and planning fields. It consists of three parts: Course 1 surveys the state of technological developments around sustainability through a series of units dedicated to different research areas of engineering and environmental planning. Course 2 consists of an intensive workshop on the topic of visualization in which students work in small teams to develop and address their own research questions using data gathered with mobile eye-tracking and EEG devices in real-world environments. The accompanying cultural module “Living Society” contextualizes the themes this program explores in German culture and history.

Each course is worth has 5 ECTS credit points (3 UF Credits). The cultural module "Living Society" comprises 20% of the grade for Course 1.

More information on the program components can be found below.



The International Study Program is open to bachelor students in engineering, life sciences, agriculture, landscape architecture and planning and related disciplines.

Information for Visiting Students

Information for Students from Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences

Are you interested in gaining intercultural experience and/or credits towards your degree by traveling, studying and working together with US and Canadian students in small groups? What if you could do it without leaving Osnabrück? You can! Join the International Study Program and earn up to 5 ECTS fast!


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