Nursing (B.Sc.), dual

Program structure

Structure of the program

The eight semester, Nursing dual degree program is divided into two study stages of four semesters each.

The courses are taught in conjunction with the university of applied sciences and at the networked vocational schools and practically applied in hospitals or in care facilities. Learning at the three sites is organized in weekly blocks. At the university of applied sciences, the attendance phases take place twice during the semester and last two to four weeks each. The learning phase at the vocational schools and in practice are adjusted accordingly.

The basic teaching material for the university of applied sciences part is provided either locally or online. Students receive academic texts to prepare and follow up the module topics and selected literary references for self-study. If necessary, working groups are formed who work together on joint tasks or projects.

Outside the attendance phase, teachers and students primarily communicate via e-mail. The self-study is supported by tutorials.

First study stage

In the first study stage (semesters 1–4), the basic contents of the Nursing profession are taught. The objective of this study stage is to acquire key qualifications for the everyday professional life and to learn the theoretical fundamentals of the Nursing subject.

Second study stage

The second study stage (semesters 5–8) involves targeted competence development in the nursing fields of work at a scientific level.

The students get to know, for example, methods of quality assessment and development. In addition, they are introduced to nursing research and the basics of statistics. In this study stage, students will also learn how to carry out the requirements of a family-oriented nursing and case analyses from different perspectives.