Business Administration in Civil Engineering (B.Eng.)

Program structure

Structure of the program

You will start your studies at the end of September. From then on you will take five of the six modules together with the dual students in their third semester. You will attend the mathematics lectures together with the dual students in their first semester on approximately every second Saturday; you will have no lectures on Monday.

The curricula of the "Bachelor of Engineering" and "Bachelor of Engineering Dual" degree programmes differ in only a few places until the 3rd semester. Beginning with the 4th semester, the schedule is identical to that of the students in the "Bachelor of Engineering Dual" degree programme (of the 6th semester).

In the 6th semester, you will complete a 12-week engineering internship, then finish your studies with your Bachelor thesis and receive your Bachelor of Engineering degree.

In the mostly small groups of students in both degree programmes (31 study places) nobody gets lost in the crowd. Instead, personal contacts are established from the very beginning, and you will be individually supervised by staff and lecturers.