Management in Nonprofit Organizations (M.A.)

Master of Arts

Features of the degree program Management in Nonprofit Organizations

Professional nonprofit management is a sought-after profession. Managers of foundations, associations, or social institutions require specific skills and know-how to reach the nonprofit aims of their organizations. The Master degree program Management in Nonprofit Organizations provides instruction in just these qualifications.

Nonprofit organizations are quickly gaining in importance, and their numbers are growing rapidly. Yet this also means increased competition between them. Organizations must compete for donations, honorary members, or public esteem. "To survive this competition, a new type of manager is needed," says Prof. Dr. Rolf Wortmann, head of the Master degree program. "Professionals with socio-political instinct are in high demand, professionals with sound management know-how who are familiar with the distinctive political and legal features of the nonprofit sector."

The degree program at a glance


Master of Arts (M.A.)


Winter semester

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Standard period of study

4 semesters



Type of study

Consecutive Master degree program

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Osnabrück – Caprivi Campus

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Program management

Prof. Dr. Gesa Birnkraut
Program director

Room: CH 0107
Phone: +49 (0)541 969-3527

Office hours:
by arrangement

Advice and coordination

Mechthild Gerdes M.A.
Program coordinator

Room: CH 0106
Phone: +49 (0)541 969-3054

Office hours:
by arrangement



Application, admission and exams

Ursula Meyer-Wendt
Registrar's office

Room: AF 0008
Phone: +49 (0)541 969-2934

Office hours:
Tuesdays from 9:30 am to 12:00 pm, Thusdays by arrangement 9:30 am to 12:00 pm