Business Law (LL.M.)

Program structure

Structure of the program

The Business Law Master’s degree program is comprised of three semesters and combines the disciplines of Law and Business Administration.

The modules of the first two semesters can be assigned to three areas.

General competencies

Three modules are taken from a catalog of modules which are considered important for a Master’s education. All Master’s degree program students of the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences have access to this catalog (also called a study platform).

International & Special Business Law core competencies

The focus of the first two semesters is "International & Special Business Law core competencies“. Subject-related curricula are imparted in the six modules, which are both nationally and internationally oriented. The modules of this focus are characteristic for the course.

Special competencies

Furthermore, there are three "Special competencies" for selection, each consisting of two modules. Students must also take at least two of the legal "Special competencies".

Master thesis in the final semester

In the third semester, students complete their Master theses. These should be written in close cooperation with an external organization and deal with practice relevant topic. The time for writing the Master thesis is four months. Upon successfully completing the degree program, students are awarded a Master of Laws (LL.M.) degree.