Theater Pedagogy (B.A.), Campus Lingen (Ems)

Program structure

Structure of the program

The studies are divided into three areas of expertise:

  • (Theatrical) Self-building processes: Bodily experience, experimentation and reflection
  • Theoretical, experiential and cognition development: Discipline-related basic and knowledge discovery
  • Theater pedagogic operationalization: Implementation in the different fields of practice

The creative basic skills to be conveyed include: Directing and acting, instructing and arranging, intensifying and alienating. The pedagogical basic skills include: Observing and showing, providing and accepting impetuses, moderating and advising, teaching.

Personal reference point of the degree program is the equally artistically and pedagogically distinct game master posture, with which the theater teachers relate in a special way to the objects and actors in their work field.

The study program provides expertise and practical knowledge in the fields of: Theater, Art and Esthetics; Methodology and Didactics of Theater Pedagogy; Introduction to the Theory and History of the Theater and Education; Directing, Acting, Performance and Dramaturgy; Forms of Theatrical and Educational Interventions; Scenic reflection; Practice of Culture Management; Specialist Analysis. The sixth semester contains as an internship both a professional practical training and a production project.