Mechanical Engineering (B.Eng.)

Program structure

Structure of the program

The extra-occupational Bachelor's degree program "Mechanical Engineering" (INGflex) is a classic Mechanical Engineering degree program. The standard period of study of the modularly-structured degree program is 9 semesters. The extra-occupational degree program takes place every 14 days on Friday afternoon and Saturday all day. In addition, there is a block week at the start of each semester. In the first semesters of the basic degree program, mathematic-natural science and engineering basics are taught in 4 modules each which are each credited with 5 credit points. Modules for the teaching of engineering applications as well as the field of study modules are offered in the higher semesters.

Starting from the 5th semester, there is the option of specializing the Bachelor degree course in the General Mechanical Engineering, Automotive Engineering and Engineering Education fields of study. A module for the respective field of study is already offered in the 5th and 6th semesters. The 7th semester is comprised of two theoretical modules and an extensive project with 10 credit points. In the 8th semester, in addition to two theoretical modules, the practical phase INGflex is started with 15 credit points, which will be continued in the ninth semester. The Bachelor thesis with colloquium, which also earns 15 credits is added in the ninth semester.

A total of 180 credit points are to be completed for the Bachelor of Engineering degree in the extra-occupational Bachelor's degree program "Engineering - Mechanical Engineering".