Aircraft and Flight Engineering (B.Sc.)

Program structure

Structure of the program

The standard length of the modularly-structured Aircraft and Flight Engineering Bachelor's degree program is six semesters. Six modules each are required in semesters one to four, each of which are awarded five credits. (Exception: modules Fundamentals of Mathematics and Mathematics for Mechanical Engineering with 7.5 credits and module Orientation and Methods with five credits over two semesters). A total of 120 credit points are to be completed in the first four semesters. Students spend the semesters five and six at one of the partner universities, the University of West of England, Bristol / UK or the State University of New York / USA where they have to complete 60 credit points.

The degree program is divided into general basic studies in the first semesters, in which the mathematical-scientific and engineering fundamentals are taught. In addition, two modules for in-depth specialization in the Aircraft and Flight Engineering subject area as well as an English module are offered at the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences. In the third year, the Aeronautical Engineering in-depth specialization takes place at the partner university. The module selection of the partner institution is safeguarded by a study agreement.

During the degree program, the flight training will be completed.

The degree program concludes with a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) title.