Research Infrastructure

With a 545 m² workshop and a 300 m² laboratory area, the Agro-Technicum provides the basis for the further development of existing and future agricultural machinery. Technological focal points such as sensor technologies, data management, and mechatronic systems are developed, tested, and applied to system integration.

The Agro-Technicum sets the course for the future: The technological research infrastructure forms the basis for significant research and development projects in the context of digital transformation in agriculture.

From lab to field in just two minutes

Directly from the laboratory to the field - the success factor for developing modern high-tech agricultural machinery: Testing technology directly on the test field next door makes the Agro-Technicum so unique. Due to the proximity to the field, every development step can be tested directly in the field on plants and crops, considering different weather and soil conditions.

How does the agricultural system get to the field? We simply open the hall and drive the system from the lab to the field in two minutes. That way, we can test the systems of future agricultural machines. If something does not work, we can go back to the hall and make improvements. With the field at the lab, we can enable short iteration loops so that the developed systems are well-equipped for large-scale agricultural field testing.

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Interdisciplinary cooperation is lived in the Agro-Technicum.

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