Mechanical Engineering in Practical Networks (B.Sc.)

Program structure

Structure of the program

The standard period of study for the dual and modularly-structured Mechanical Engineering in Practical Networks (MPV) Bachelor’s degree program is eight semesters. The total length of the training program is - with an integrated 3-year vocational training - usually 4.5 years.

With regard to scope and content, this degree program is 100% identical to the full-time Mechanical Engineering or Automotive Engineering degree program. The MPV program distinguishes itself by a special structure, which enables an intermeshing with a industrial apprenticeship.

The training program usually starts in August with a full time vocational apprenticeship in an industrial company. There is no student status in this first six-month practical training period.

Studies at the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences begins in the summer semester with the 1st semester as a full-time semester. From the second to the fifth semesters, the study takes place on two days in the week while vocational training is carried out on three days a week as well as during the semester holidays. The vocational training in the training company is complemented by the vocational school.

After the fifth semester, the first study stage and also the 3-year apprenticeship ends with the skilled worker examination at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The sixth and seventh semesters are full-time semesters again in which the modules of the deepenings are also attended. During the semester holidays, the students practice professional activities in the training company.

The following deepenings and special programmes are available: Energy Technology, Development and Construktion, Automotive Engineering, Engineering Pedagogics, Agricultural Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Integrated Studies Abroad, European Project Semester (EPS). 

An applied scientific project as well as the bachelor thesis with colloquium with 15 credits each are carried out in the eighth semester in the company. A total of 180 credits must be completed for the Bachelor of Science degree.