Automotive Engineering (B.Sc.)

Program structure

Structure of the program

The standard period of study for the modularly structured Bachelor's degree in Automotive Engineering is six semesters.

During the five semesters of study, six modules each, each of which is assessed with five credit points, are required. (Exception: modules Fundamentals of Mathematics and Mathematics for Mechanical Engineering with 7.5 credit points and module Orientation and Methods with five credit points over two semesters).

The programme starts with a general basic study period in the first semesters, in which the mathematical, scientific and engineering fundamentals are the main focus. In the higher semester, modules are offered to teach engineering applications and to deepen knowledge in areas of automotive engineering. The course is completed by elective modules and a project with 10 credit points.

The fifth semester can be used as a "mobility semester": As an alternative to the regular programme, it is possible to study abroad.

In the final semester, the scientific practical project as well as the bachelor thesis with 15 credit points each are completed.

A total of 180 credit points are required for the Bachelor of Science.