Opportunities for visiting scholars

Opportunities for visiting scholars

There are various options for visiting scholars from our international partner universities to spend time at our university:

  • Professional exchange with colleagues, planning of collaborative projects
  • Research stays
  • Guest lectureships for extracurricular lectures or courses

Research stays can be arranged individually in consultation with the relevant faculty, and are not usually dependent on the semester dates. The Welcome Center will be happy to assist you in finding a professor with a research group that matches your field of interest.

The following types of courses are ideal for visiting lecturers to teach at Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences:

Block week:
A block week is carried out across the university during calendar week 43 or 44. The block week interrupts the normal winter semester teaching schedule and allows time for special projects. Examples include workshops, intensive courses, practical projects, and field trips. In addition, some faculties offer another block week in the summer semester.

Lecturers from our partner universities regularly come to Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences to lead a project during our block week. Please note that several months’ notice is usually required for allocating teaching assignments. You should therefore contact us well in advance if you wish to take on such an assignment.

You will find information on the block week at the Faculty of Business Management and Social Sciences on our website. If you would like to be involved in a block week course offered by one of our other faculties, please contact the relevant International Faculty Office.

International summer programs:

Our intensive summer programs, taught in English, regularly feature international lecturers. For example:

Our International Summer University (ISU) offers various specializations. Some of these three-week modules are taught by visiting faculty from our partner universities. Under certain conditions, it is possible for visiting faculty to bring a group of students from their university to participate in the ISU.

If you are interested in participating in these or other summer programs, please contact the academic director of the relevant course for more information.

Courses during the semester:

In individual cases, international visiting scholars can take on teaching assignments by arrangement. Since most courses at Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences are taught in German, international visiting faculty will usually need a good command of German (normally at least level C1 of the European Framework of Reference for Languages). For more information on how to improve your German language skills, please click here. However, there are also opportunities for semester-long assignments in English. Please note that teaching assignments are usually allocated a few months before the start of the semester, so you should contact us well in advance if interested.

Important: To be able to plan reliably for the relevant semester or summer program, we need written confirmation from your university abroad. It should state that the sending university expressly agrees to your planned stay in Germany.