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New Partnership for Research and Networking Efforts University of Malta

Professor Dr. Genkova has successfully secured a new partnership for research and networking efforts. She visited the University in Malta and had the opportunity to meet with Dr. Maria Brown from the Faculty of Education. During this meeting, they discussed, among other things, the conclusion of a new Erasmus agreement, aiming to foster stronger collaboration in research and teaching, as well as enable future joint Erasmus projects.

Furthermore, they extensively explored opportunities for collaborations in joint Horizon projects. Upon approval of this project, Dr. Brown expressed her willingness not only to organize a workshop on-site but also to potentially lead the kick-off workshop for the meeting with all collaborative partners and stakeholders, facilitating comprehensive exchange.

Various modalities and possibilities were also discussed, allowing for the joint development of detailed planning. Another topic of discussion was the involvement of the University of Malta in the Cult Open Study on Intercultural Competence, Positive Social Identity, and Positive Diversity Attitudes. Dr. Maria Brown is actively participating in ensuring Malta's inclusion in this large cross-cultural study. Malta, being a diversity-oriented culture, incorporates various approaches within itself.

Additionally, Dr. Brown is making efforts, through migration platforms, to drive this initiative further and achieve widespread dissemination. The two additional partners Dr. Christian Borg Xuereb and Prof. Carmel Cefai from the Faculty of Social Wellbeing are also actively participating in all measures.

The discussions also covered the regional and culture-specific aspects of the university and the government, providing insight into the local context.

We look forward to the new partnership and hope for a successful collaboration.