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01.06.2022 - 30.05.2024
Prof. Dr. Julius Schöning
NVIDIA Academic Hardware Grant Award
Ingenieurwissenschaften und Informatik
7.500,00 €

Smart farming on every farm will become essential for tackling the issue of world hunger. We are going to developing a freely available, worldwide usable decision support system that helps farmers select the appropriate crops for their farm, i.e., generate an optimal crop rotation plan. Our app will run on and help the farmers with its multilingual intuitive GUI to boost the yield and guide them to non-mono-cultural farming. The app will automatically integrate biological and socio-economic data from various sources, e.g., state services, public databases, and build-in smartphone sensors. Crop simulation models and the generation of an optimal crop rotation plan are highly complex tasks. To develop AutoML algorithms for the crop rotation app, GPUs will boost the development and help us tailor AutoML algorithms for smartphones. Thus, our crop rotation app for generating the best possible crop rotation plan based on the farmers' individual needs and resources will be available soon.

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