Our Idea

Our Idea

The Talent Academy is aimed at different target groups and is to be understood as a platform for qualification as well as methodological and professional exchange in the profile of health and social affairs. A building block system makes it possible to develop and qualify the building blocks that are individually missing in personal biographies. The target groups range from Master's students and doctoral students to people who have already completed their doctorates in the mentioned thematic focal points and who are still lacking a component to qualify for a professorship at a university of applied sciences.

The participants can expect:

  • Strengthening of methodological competence: The participants of the Talent Academy are trained in the independent application and further development of scientific methods.
  • Individual, qualified support and advice: The progress of the scientific work is systematically accompanied within the framework of the Talent Academy and flanked by methodological advice.
  • Integration into the scientific community: The participants of the Talent Academy are supported in successfully producing contributions for (inter)national congresses and scientific journals.
  • Practising transdisciplinarity: Within the Talent Academy, participants try out transdisciplinary exchange with different subject groups from the health sector so that they can present their methods and results to a circle of representatives from different disciplines.
  • Strengthening translational skills: Participants of the Talent Academy should be able to actively shape the healthcare system of tomorrow through innovative approaches. To this end, they learn how to translate their scientific findings into practical conclusions.
  • Pointing out career paths: The participants get an overview of the spectrum of researchers and their activities in the health sector, such as their biographies and external lectures.
  • Forming their own scientific community: The participants get to know each other and exchange ideas outside of the Talent Academy. This opens up opportunities for collaboration and joint publications.

Building Blocks

The building block system makes it possible to develop and qualify the missing building blocks in the personal biographies for a professorship at a university of applied sciences. The focus is on the very different building blocks of doctoral studies, professional practice and teaching experience. The modules are discussed and put together individually and taught using various methods and event formats.

The mission of the Talent Academy is thus to provide needs-based support and encouragement in order to stimulate a creative research process and to promote innovative thinking for a Learning Health System.