Food Engineering Topics


Faculty of Agricultural Science and Landscape Architecture


Version 11.0 of 07/11/2022

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Food Engineering Topics

Study Programmes

Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen Agrar/Lebensmittel (B.Eng.)

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Mission Statement

Get in touch with global food engineering problems. Train to present in a foreign language. Get ready to study and to work in international teams.


Basic mathematics EnergyEnergy ConversionSustainabilityFood vs FuelLife Cycle AssessmentCarbon Foot PrintWater Foot Print Systems approachEnergy sourcesfield trip organisationworkshop organisation

Learning Outcomes

Knowledge Broadening
The module should successfully deepen the fundamentals of sustainability in food production. This is achieved by walking through different cases and perspectives.
Knowledge Deepening
Examples of sustainability in industy are dealt with in detail. Typical chapters of sustainability in engineering are explained.
Instrumental Skills and Competences
This module is a preparation for analyzing sustainability models in engineering. Participants get trained to judge project impacts.
Communicative Skills and Competences
The participants are able to communicate in english language within a technical project.
Systemic Skills and Competences
Today technical projects are often of interdisciplinary character. Thus, participants have to communicate with engineers and scientists of any kind and also with business administrators. During the course participants will get aware on this.

Mode of Delivery

seminarworkshopfield trip

Responsible of the Module

Figura, Ludger


Figura, Ludger



Concept of Study and Teaching
Workload Dozentengebunden
Std. WorkloadLehrtyp
30individuelle Betreuung
Workload Dozentenungebunden
Std. WorkloadLehrtyp
Recommended Reading

Figura, Teixeira; Food Physics, Springer Berlin (2007)Singh, Heldman; Introduction to food engineering. Elsevier Amsterdam (2009)

Graded Exam

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Assessment Methods Remark

homework written in english


1 Term

Module Frequency

Winter and Summer Term

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