Consulting and Management


Faculty of Business Management and Social Sciences


Version 2.0 of 10/12/2017

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Consulting and Management

Study Programmes
  • Business Management (M.A.)
  • International Business and Management (Master) (M.A.)
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Mission Statement

Management and Marketing Tools is the first module of the consulting specialization. It aims to introduce the students to the various consulting markets and services. Students will learn that all consulting follows a distinctive process that is needed to deliver successful business projects. Participants will get to know typical consulting tools and techniques used for operational improvements and strategy development.


1 Introduction
1.1 Nature of Consulting
1.2 Consulting Market and Consulting Firms

2 Structures in consulting firms and careers in consulting

3 The Consulting Process
3.1 Initial Contact
3.2 Proposal Phase
3.3 Pitch Situation
3.4 Project Set-up and Project Plan/Charter
3.5 Project Team
3.6 Working with the Client

4 The Analysis Phase
4.1 As-is Analysis
4.2 Development of To-Be Scenarios
4.2.1 Using Management Tools
4.2.2 Evaluating Client Capabilities and Business Opportunities
4.3 Leading Strategic Change

5 Presenting the Results
5.1 Communication
5.2 Pyramid Thinking
5.3 Say it with Charts

6 Closing the Project
6.1 Transferring the Project
6.2 Lessons Learned
6.3 Knowledge Management

Learning Outcomes

Knowledge Broadening
Students who successfully complete this module have a substantiated knowledge of the consulting process and the most important management and marketing tools with regard to strategy development and implementation in business practice.
Knowledge Deepening
Students know how consulting companies function, how they set up projects for their clients and how they help client companies to compile strategies for their business as a whole, or for sections of it, and how these can be implemented in practice.
Instrumental Skills and Competences
Students are able to work confidently with management and marketing tools.
Communicative Skills and Competences
Students who successfully complete this module are able to analyze strategic issues, and interpret and present the results. Students will learn to deliver MECE arguments (mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive) and prepare convincing presentations.
Systemic Skills and Competences
Students who successfully complete this module are able to consolidate information from different areas of a business and the business environment and analyze it.

Mode of Delivery

Lectures, exercises, case studies, team work, presentations

Expected Knowledge and/or Competences

Management tools, management concepts, fundamental principles of controlling and finances, fundamental principles of project and process management

Responsible of the Module

Frie, Jan

  • Halstrup, Dominik
  • Hofmann, Kay Hendrik
  • Frie, Jan
  • Kaur-Lahrmann, Ravinder


Concept of Study and Teaching
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Workload Dozentenungebunden
Std. WorkloadLehrtyp
54Bearbeitung von Fallstudien
Recommended Reading

Van Assen. M./ et. Al.: Key Management Models, 2nd edition, Prentice Hall, 2012

Wickham, L./Wilcock, J.: Management Consulting, 4th edition, Pearson, 2012

Burtonshaw-Gunn, S. A.: Essential Tools for Management Consulting, Wiley, 2010

Andler, N.: Tools for Project Management, Workshops and Consulting, 2nd. edition, Publicis Publ., 2011

Czerniawska, F./May, P.: Management Consulting in Practice, 4th edition, Kogan Page, 2007

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Zelazny, G.: Say it with Charts the complete Toolkit, McGraw-Hill, 2007

Graded Exam
  • Two-Hour Written Examination
  • Oral Presentation / Seminar Paper
Assessment Methods Remark

1-hour written examination + assignments/
2-hour written examination/Homework


1 Term

Module Frequency

Only Winter Term

Language of Instruction