Innovation and Entrepreneurship


Faculty of Business Management and Social Sciences


Version 10.0 of 10/12/2017

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Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Study Programmes
  • Business Management (M.A.)
  • International Business and Management (Master) (M.A.)
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Mission Statement

Basic concepts, strategies and successfactors of innovation and entrepreneurship,The lean management concept will be introduced and applied. Existing Business modells will be examined. New business models will be developped by the students following the lean start up method.


Innovation Managemento Success Factors for Innovationso Science based approaches to generate

Innovation Developmentso Creating and identifying Innovationso Concept and Product Developments

Entrepreneurship: Implementation of Innovationso Lean Start up Methodo Business Canvas o Business Cases

Learning Outcomes

Knowledge Broadening
Students have a sound understanding of different innovation concepts which have been discussed in the modern business and economics literature.
Students have a sound understanding of the role of entrepreneurship in economic development and the hurdles entrepreneurs typically face.
Knowledge Deepening
Students are able to translate their theoretical knowledge into a practical proposal for a business creation.
Instrumental Skills and Competences
Students are able to use their competencies in finance, accounting and marketing and apply it to their unique case study.
Communicative Skills and Competences
Students are able to discuss in groups their ideas, their reflection of opportunities and weigh arguments.
Students are able to present their ideas to others and convince them about the attractiveness of their idea.
Systemic Skills and Competences
Students are able to see their project in the context of the business environment and reflect on the perspective of banks, promotion agencies, city governments, potential employees.

Mode of Delivery

Concepts are introduced, discussed and applied in case studies (business models) created by students.

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Responsible of the Module

Mayer, Peter

  • Arnsfeld, Torsten
  • Mayer, Peter


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Recommended Reading

The Lean Start UP by Eric Ries, 2011.

Business Model Generation, Osterwalder / Pigneur, 2010.

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1 Term

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Only Summer Term

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