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01.09.2016 - 28.02.2018
Prof. Dr. Ursula Hertha Hübner
EU Horizon 2020
Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaften
70.625,00 €
Projektpartner extern:
OMNIMICRO Hamburg, EHTEL Brussels Belgium, STEINBEIS Stuttgart, UNIVERSITY OF TAMPERE Tampere Finland

Assessment, training and development of the healthcare workforce is one part of a comprehensive strategy toward driving economic growth, increasing global competitiveness and creating jobs. Fundamental to this work is surveying institutions, organizations and individuals through needs assessments; identifying any gaps in knowledge, skills, and abilities through these assessments and surveys; developing case studies that organize the needs, gaps and trends; and finally addressing those gaps through targeted skills assessment, training and development opportunities. 

The EU*US_eHealth_Work consortium has the overall goal of mapping, creating access, assessing, and disseminating and exploiting healthcare workforce IT skills through a variety of modalities. We will do this by mapping, quantifying and projecting the need, supply and demand for workforce skills and competences, utilising these results to further develop ICT (Information and Communications Technology) skills and training programmes for the healthcare workforce.

The EU*US_eHealth_Work project will continue work begun in 2013 as part of the EU-US collaboration under the EU-US Memorandum of Understanding eHealth Roadmap.


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