Plant Nutrition


Faculty of Agricultural Science and Landscape Architecture


Version 1 of 16.04.2023.

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ECTS credit points and grading


Module frequency

only winterterm


1 semester



Brief description

The growth and yield of crops and the quality of the products are decisively influenced by the nutrient supply in the root zone. Knowledge of these relationships is therefore essential for successful crop production. In addition to fundamental aspects of plant nutrition, the module also considers the biochemical and physiological functions of minerals in plant metabolism and provides an insight into the scientific working methods of the field. Furthermore, a basic understanding of the nutrient supply of plants with regard to culture-, site- and environmentally relevant requirements is created.

Overall workload

The total workload for the module is 135 hours (see also "ECTS credit points and grading").

Teaching and learning methods
Lecturer based learning
Hours of workloadType of teachingMedia implementationConcretization
8PracticePresence or online-
Lecturer independent learning
Hours of workloadType of teachingMedia implementationConcretization
40Preparation/follow-up for course work-
13Study of literature-
24Exam preparation-
Graded examination
  • Written examination or
  • oral exam
Remark on the assessment methods

The standard type of examination is the written exam (in the event of a deviation, the alternative type of examination mentioned will be selected by the examiners and announced at the beginning of the course)

Exam duration and scope

written exam (2hours)

Recommended prior knowledge

Knowledge of plant biology and plant chemistry is recommended


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Sonneveld, C. und W. Voogt (2009): Plant Nutrition of Greenhouse Crops. Springer, Dordrecht.

Zorn, W. et al. (2016): Handbuch zur visuellen Diagnose von Ernährungsstörungen bei Kulturpflanzen, 3. Auflage.
Springer-Verlag, Berlin.

Applicability in study programs

  • Pflanzentechnologie in der Agrarwirtschaft
    • Pflanzentechnologie in der Agrarwirtschaft B.Sc.

    Person responsible for the module
    • Daum, Diemo
    • Daum, Diemo
    Further lecturer(s)