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Faculty of Agricultural Science and Landscape Architecture


Version 26.0 of 07/11/2022

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English for Projects

Study Programmes
  • Angewandte Pflanzenbiologie – Gartenbau, Pflanzentechnologie (B.Sc.)
  • Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen Agrar/Lebensmittel (B.Eng.)
Level of Module


Mission Statement

A task-based learning course for students who work in project groups or are looking to enter a career in which working in projects is an essential skill. This module is designed to give the students the necessary skills to work successfully in international teams covering all aspects of project work. The focus will be on communication and interaction within small interdisciplinary teams. CFSR Course Level B 2


The module will briefly examine all aspects of a typical project looking at the following phases:Project inception and initiationProject definition and planningproject launch or executionProject performance and controlProject close

With these phases we will examine and practice the skills needed to participate on an international stage, such as:Product / service design and developmentPresenting information in a public settingParticipating in international meetingsBusiness Correspondence: letters, emails flyers, brochures, postersReport compilation and draftingPublic relations: press releases, giving interviews, marketingNegotiating: sponsorship deals, financingInterview skills,: job interviews, funding applicationsRisk and crisis managementManagement and team building

Learning Outcomes

Knowledge Broadening
The students become an insight into working in an international team and develop skills to master the tasks expected of memebers of such teams
Knowledge Deepening
The students develop, market and sell a product or service of their own creation
Instrumental Skills and Competences
The students produce a product design and marketing folder with simple business plan and finance concept
Communicative Skills and Competences
The students develop the communication skills for executive roles in international companies
Systemic Skills and Competences
The students learn the language and vocabulary of their chosen fields and practice the use thereof.

Mode of Delivery

Working in small groups as a project team developing and promoting ideas. Seminars and lectures providing the skills for the project phases. Theoretical research and development of products and/or services

Expected Knowledge and/or Competences

Successfully completed B1 level course or placement test result B2

Responsible of the Module

Fine, Jonathan


Fine, Jonathan



Concept of Study and Teaching
Workload Dozentengebunden
Std. WorkloadLehrtyp
Workload Dozentenungebunden
Std. WorkloadLehrtyp
Recommended Reading

Lecturer's materials

International Management English Series: Managing Projects B2-C1; Bob Dignen; Klett Sprachen GmbH – International project challenges– Getting it right from the start– Managing people in projects– Keeping projects on track– Building better communication– Dealing with conflict– Marketing the project– Finishing successfully

Graded Exam

Oral Presentation / Seminar Paper

Ungraded Exam

Regular Participation

Assessment Methods Remark

The project report will be graded as a piece of group work. The oral test will be graded individually.


1 Term

Module Frequency

Winter and Summer Term

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