Project Complex Planning in Landscape Development


Faculty of Agricultural Science and Landscape Architecture


Version 7.0 of 04/29/2019

Code of Module


Modulename (german)

Projekt Komplexe Planungsaufgaben in der Landschaftsentwicklung

Study Programmes

Landschaftsentwicklung (B.Eng.)

Level of Module



1.Clarificationof task description and goal definition
2.Construction of a project plan
3.Selection, application and evaluation of methods
4.Independent execution of inventory taking and assessment of different subjects of protection
5.Analysis of socio-economic and social framework conditions in reference to the task 6.Systematical development of planning goals to solve the task
7.Systematical derivation of measures 8.Determination of measure and goal priorities 9.Process and result evaluation
10.Presentation of results off-campus

Learning Outcomes

Knowledge Broadening
The students who studied this module successfully ... ... have a broad and integrated knowledge and understanding about the extent, the main aspects and the limits of the subject ... have a critical understanding of selected fundamental methods and concepts
Knowledge Deepening

Instrumental Skills and Competences

Communicative Skills and Competences
The students who studied this module successfully ... ... consider, analyse and assess ideas, concepts, information and topics critically ... identify and analyse branch-specific standard problems and topics ... hold formal and informal presentations about the main aspects of the subject in front of different audiences ... apply a number of communication forms in established and new contexts.
Systemic Skills and Competences
The students who studied this module successfully ... ... apply a number of branch-specific skills, techniques and materials in order to solve standard and advanced tasks. ... apply a number of specialized and advanced processes, skills, techniques and materials.

Mode of Delivery

Project work in small groups (2-5 students)

Responsible of the Module

von Dressler, Hubertus

  • Rück, Friedrich
  • von Dressler, Hubertus
  • Kiehl, Kathrin
  • Taeger, Stefan
  • Schliemer, Claudia
  • Petermann, Cord
  • Schoppengerd, Johanna
  • Schultz, Henrik


Concept of Study and Teaching
Workload Dozentengebunden
Std. WorkloadLehrtyp
20betreute Kleingruppen
10individuelle Betreuung
Workload Dozentenungebunden
Std. WorkloadLehrtyp
20Präsentation (Vorbereitung und Durchführung)
Recommended Reading

abhängig von Themenstellung

Assessment Methods Remark

additional presentation in front of a professional audience and media preparation

Examination Requirements

Successful processing of a complex planning task


1 Term

Module Frequency

Only Winter Term

Language of Instruction