IT and Information Management


Faculty of Business Management and Social Sciences


Version 11.0 of 05/13/2019

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IT and Information Management

Study Programmes

International Business and Management (Master) (M.A.)

Level of Module



1 Managing information systems
1.1 Terms and classifications
1.2 Strategic IT management
1.3 Operative IT management
1.4 IT professions
1.5 Security management
1.6 Data protection
1.7 Legal management

2 Methods and tools of information management
2.1 Data warehousing
2.2 OLAP
2.3 Business intelligence
2.4 Knowledge management
2.5 New developments

3 IT and IM controlling

4 Examples from Business Administration

Learning Outcomes

Knowledge Broadening
Students who successfully complete this module know about procurement and administration of information essential to the organization and have skills which enable information processing to be planned and secured in the long-term.
Knowledge Deepening
Students of this module acquire basic knowledge of the organization of information processing in an operational context. They define the contribution of information processing to business management.
Instrumental Skills and Competences
Students who successfully complete this module are able to support IT projects, generate management information from data, and develop concepts such as how availability of valuable information can be made possible.
Communicative Skills and Competences
Können - kommunikative Kompetenz
Students who successfully complete this module are able to communicate and represent the contribution of IT to the achievement of corporate goals.
Systemic Skills and Competences
Students prepare measures required to secure IT operation and support their implementation.

Mode of Delivery

Seminar teaching with project tasks for students.

Expected Knowledge and/or Competences

Fundamental principles of information systems and information processing

Responsible of the Module

Bensberg, Frank

  • Schmidt, Andreas
  • Dallmöller, Klaus
  • Hübner, Ursula Hertha
  • Bensberg, Frank


Concept of Study and Teaching
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Workload Dozentenungebunden
Std. WorkloadLehrtyp
Recommended Reading

Clark D (2017) Beginning Power BI – A Practical Guide to Self-Service Data Analytics with Excel 2016 and Power BI Desktop, 2nd ed.

Dumas M, La Rosa M, Mendling J, Reijers H (2018) Fundamentals of Business Process Management, 2nd ed., Berlin.

Ferrari A, Russo M (2016) Introducing Microsoft Power BI, Redmond.

Laudon KC, Laudon JP (2018) Management Information Systems – Managing the Digital Firm, 15th ed., Harlow.

Silver B (2018) DMN Method & Style – Business Practitioner's Guide to Decision Modeling, 2. Aufl., Altadena.

Graded Exam
  • Homework / Assignment
  • Two-Hour Written Examination
  • Portfolio exam
Assessment Methods Remark

1-hour written examination + assignments/2-hour written examination/project


1 Term

Module Frequency

Only Winter Term

Language of Instruction